NIKE Air Force 1 20210907

The quality is very good. It is completely consistent with the description of the seller. I really like it. I really like it. It completely exceeds the expected value. The delivery speed is very fast. The packaging is very careful and tight. The service attitude of the logistics company is very good. The delivery speed is very fast. I am very satisfied with a shopping. I’m very happy. I will continue to buy from the link of identifying goods in the future. I just bought a big size for the object. I heard that it was too big, so I just let him wear a high insole

Ha ha, very good. Originally planned to buy in the physical store, the largest size is only 44, wearing too tight. I bought half of the size here. It just fits and the price is much cheaper. The new model is much lighter than the old one, making it more comfortable to wear. After more than a year, the old man should retire. The store guarantee is also good, three layers inside and three outside, give me a compliment

NIKE Air Force 1

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