Nike Sb Dunk High Trd Qs 20210904

Nike Sb Dunk High Trd Qs

Nike SB Dunk High TRD QS crayfish, full name Dunk Low hi Pro sb, sb’s full name is skateboard. Dunk sb, as the name implies, has the classic dunk blood relationship, and injected more fashion elements. Compared with the ordinary dunk skateboard shoes, the modified dunk sb thickens the filling of the tongue, greatly improves the comfort, and is more convenient to wear out of stock No. 504750-660 ා 143120065

It’s very beautiful and comfortable, and the price is cheap. It costs tens of yuan more to buy in the physical store season, and the shoes are very comfortable, the running is just right, the express delivery is very fast, the packaging is also very good, the customer service is very good, in short, it is very good

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