Asics Gel-Exalt 3 20210806

The shoes are very good. They don’t grind their feet. It’s comfortable to run. The main thing is to choose the right size. The customer service is very good. I asked a lot of questions and answered them carefully. It was a very good shopping. The recommended number of yards is also appropriate. thank you.

They are really entry-level running shoes. They are quite comfortable to walk or jog in. They have sufficient elasticity and just right shock absorption. The only drawback is that it lacks a forward force if it pursues the speed and speed, so it will cause calf muscle fatigue when it is used for racing. This may also be the reason why the forefoot of the shoe is too thick and the speed is hard. The forefoot and heel are not standard drop. I am a senior runner. This is the first time ASICs Arthur. Compared with other shoe brands, the overall feeling is still satisfactory. satisfied.

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