Nike Paul George PG 1 20210804

In terms of feedback force and cushioning performance, PG1 is also in place. When the first step is pushed to the ground, zoom feedback from the sole of the foot is really good, very powerful. It gives enough help and protection to the forefoot, and the wrapping performance is really good, because the flying line, bandage and inner boot are all supported

I haven’t considered this pair of PG1 for a long time. My classmates have a pair of walkers with good color and wear resistance. The zoom air in the front sole is a little hard at the beginning, but it is comfortable to step on it a few times. The design of flying line and Velcro play a great role in the overall shoe wrapping. The wrapping ability can be given full score by using double-layer fabric, but there is no rigid TPU package on the heel part It’s very soft sole. The white rubber wear-resistant shoes I bought must be full marks, but the design of the flying line is easy to wear after a period of time. It’s OK to change direction. It’s also good to prevent sideslip. The full point of grip is suitable for me, who can break through and stop jump shot. Generally speaking, PG1 is a very good pair of practical basketball shoes, which is suitable for guards and has high cost performance A civilian price can buy a pair of signature shoes is still very good

Nike Paul George PG 1

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